About Us

We are excited to unveil our new, unified brand – PEAK Event Services!

PEAK Event Services is the new name of PPC Event Services, Inc., under which Peterson Party Center, Rentals Unlimited, and Table Toppers of Newton are now unified. We are one, integrated service brand to better support you for all your events. We also offer styling and furniture through our special division, RESERVE. Under one brand, we remain dedicated to setting new standards of service, excellence, reliability, creativity, inspiration and innovation across the entire integrated company.

PEAK is proud to have clients who have the skills to turn weddings, birthdays, fundraisers, galas, etc. into magical experiences. Their customers – families, corporations, schools, and homeowners – trust them to bring their dreams and visions to life by creating a physical space where the bonds between family, friends, coworkers, donors, and partners can deepen.

Every event presents a unique set of challenges that requires a team of experts and trusted partners able to flawlessly execute for clients who demand the highest standards of excellence. When it is showtime, emotions run high and there is no margin for error.

We want to enable you to elevate your ability to create and redefine what is possible.

PEAK is proud to be THE trusted partner to our clients throughout New England.

We are a company built on the strength, experience and expertise of our team that delivers the creative inspiration and operational innovation that stretches the limits of what is possible.

We are now one company that sets a new standard of Service, Excellence, Reliability, Creativity, Inspiration, and Innovation.

Thank you for choosing PEAK Event Services for your upcoming event.

Our Manifesto

  • We believe that every event should be a SPECIAL EVENT.
  • It’s a chance to inspire people with possibilities.
  • To deliver the limitless selection of rentals and UNPARALLELED SERVICE that only we can.
  • To prove beyond a doubt that flawless execution isn’t a goal, it’s A PROMISE.
  • Whether it’s a wedding, a fundraiser or a corporate meeting, it’s always the same.
  • It’s always a chance to make a huge impression with attention to the tiniest details.
  • Every fork, every plate, every chair, every linen, every table, every tent matters.
  • But when it comes to making your event perfect, nothing matters more than our people.
  • It’s our people whose tireless and meticulous work makes you say, “Wow” without ever worrying about the how.
  • It’s our people whose round-the-clock dedication to the customer creates the magic that happens behind the scenes.
  • It’s our people who have more combined experience and expertise than any other event rental company.
  • It’s our people who constantly innovate to keep pace with changing demands.
  • Our people are many, but they COME TOGETHER AS ONE.
  • One team with the OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE to pull off the impossible one day, and then do it again the next.
  • One team that knows that even though we’re a rental company, it’s what we own that truly sets us apart: A passion for perfection. Every day, every event.
  • That’s how we make every event special.
  • That’s how we always GO ABOVE and always GO BEYOND


Want to join our team?

PEAK is more than a rental company. We are a collaborative team with round-the-clock dedication to our customers and a passion for perfection and innovation.

Visit our CAREERS page for more details.




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