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Tented Venue Solutions

Tue, 03/31/2020 - 14:00 | by PEAK Team
Whether you're looking for creative ways to coordinate venue re-bookings (and avoid cancellations), or the opportunity for potential new revenue streams, we have tented solutions to help you maximize your event space.

Add A Venue

Create an additional event space or extend your venue by adding a tent. Whether it's in a parking lot, on the lawn or as an extension on your patio, a tent is an efficient way to extend your venue and provide another usable event space should your main ballroom or event space be booked.

With micro-weddings blossoming as a trend for couples this year (especially those who've had to postpone or reschedule their nuptials), adding a tent is the perfect way to provide an auxiliary space for smaller gatherings.

Dealing with postponements or receiving more inquiries than usual for later in the season? We offer both long-term and short-term tent rentals.

Cocktail Tents

Hosting multiple events in one day? Consider utilizing a cocktail tent during to host guests while allowing your staff extra time to flip the main event space.

Furnish Your Venue

We offer a variety of general event equipment, from tables, chairs and linen, to china, catering equipment and décor to outfit your space.

Extend Your Event Season

Adding a tent to your venue not only increases event capacity, but can help you extend your event season into the fall and winter months. We offer both short- and long-term tenting options as well as a variety of tent add-ons including side-walls for inclement weather, heaters and flooring options.

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