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Fill the Fall #FilltheFall

Thu, 04/02/2020 - 10:00 | by PEAK Team

The event industry has been heavily impacted by this unprecedented situation, and we are all experiencing a number of events originally scheduled for March, April & May, reschedule to dates throughout the summer, fall and winter months. We have kicked off a campaign called 'Fill The Fall' #FilltheFall to help bridge the communication for our partners and to combat potential venue over-bookings or worse, event cancellations.

our goal

To help facilitate an initial connection between your team and a client in need of an event space; a win-win. We are leveraging our reach to help your venue maintain financial strength during this time while solving a pain point for those planning events throughout New England. 

what we need from you

First, post your event space availability for the months of August through December along with your venue capacity in your Instagram Story and on your Profile Feed, then tag @Peakeventservices + include the hashtag #FilltheFall. We will repost and share with our own network. Then, send an email directly to our team at [email protected] with the same information. Please continue to share your event space availability with us today and on a regular, reoccurring basis as often as you'd like over the next 3-4 months.

what peak will do for you

We will be sharing this information through a dedicated, reoccurring email newsletter to our large subscriber base of event planners, catering companies, corporate clients and couples. We will also be sharing on Instagram daily, using the hashtag #fillthefall. We encourage you to repost to your community to drum up interest. And, we are prompting event planners to participate by posting dates they are seeking for their clients who are in need of a venue.


For Planners, Caterers + Those Planning Future Events

We are kicking off a campaign to help bridge the communication between venues, planners, catering companies and more as you navigate rescheduled events. Check out the calendars below and our #FilltheFall highlight on Instagram to view the availability of participating event spaces.

Should you have clients in need of an event space from August through December, please share the dates in your story, tag PEAK and #FilltheFall & we’ll be happy to repost and help you find a solution! Or, use #fillthefall and tag PEAK to encourage your favorite venues to participate!

Event Space Availability Calendars

For availability of venues participating in the campaign check out the calendars below, these will be continuously updated.  Venue availability dates are updated for August through December.

Event Venues


RI Event Venues


CT Event Venues


ME Event Venues


We understand event space is a precious commodity, and venues with varying capacities will be in high demand with the shift of event season. Remember, we provide robust and creative tenting solutions, which may allow you to host more than one event on your property on any given date. This could allow you to expand your space, increase capacity and open up availability for your clients. We are always here to discuss these kinds of solutions with you! 


Now, help us #FilltheFall!

Fill the Fall