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The Top Five Things to Know When Renting a Tent

Tue, 07/14/2020 - 17:52 | by PEAK Team

Need to relocate your upcoming wedding or event this season? Why not host your gathering beneath a tent? From our spacious structure and frame tents, to swooping sailcloth and tension tents, we offer a variety of tent styles and customizable solutions so you can create ultimate venue.  If you're thinking of renting a tent, here's five things to keep in mind: 

1. Permits are usually required, but we've got you covered.

Nearly every town requires a permit to install a tent that's larger than 20' x 20' (or 400 square feet). The specific requirements are determined by each town and may vary according to the size of your tent, number of guests, use of sidewalls and other details. You may need additional permits for heaters, generators, and other special equipment. We handle every detail of the permit process - including creating the site plans and interior layouts required - so you don't need to worry about it!

2. The season and time of day for your event will affect costs.

Did you know we can tent in any season? Yes, even in the winter! You may need additional equipment depending on the time of day and season your event is held. For example, a nighttime event may require an additional lighting setup. An event held during colder weather may need heating. The labor costs for installation may also vary depending on when the tent needs to be installed.

3. The surface may determine your tent selection.

Some locations can accommodate stakes being driven into the ground to anchor the tent, such as grass or asphalt. When staking is not an option, a weight system can be utilized to anchor the tent; and for longer term projects or frequent installations, a permanent anchor system can be installed.

4. The size of the tent you need depends on a number of things.

This can include social distancing measures, the type of event, food service style, expected number of guests, flooring, DJ needs, permitting guideline requirements, whether you need additional tables for gifts, cake or desserts and more.  Our team can work with you on determining the best size tent for your event needs.

5. Plan to order your tent at least 4 weeks before your event.

Our general rule is to order your tent approximately 30-45 days in advance, but the earlier the better.  This will ensure that the tent you choose, as well as the additional equipment you may need, is available on the date of your event.  This also provides sufficient time for our team to do a site visit if necessary, and to secure the appropriate permits from your town.  Have a last minute tent need? Our team is here to assist!

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