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Top Color Schemes for Your Fall Event

Wed, 09/28/2022 - 11:48 | by PEAK Team

Autumn is officially here, and we’re embracing all of the foliage-inspired and cool weather color palettes. Planning an event this fall season? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite fall palette picks, from traditional to unexpected, for you to feast your eyes on & get inspired!

Copper & Cerulean

Nothing says, “fall” like warm, coppery tones mixed with rustic wood accents. We’re loving this seasonal color palette, with a twist, featuring orange hues by way of our Valencia Copper Charger and Faux Silk Copper Napkin accented with pops of cobalt blue from our Debutante Blue Goblet and accent taper candles.

Smoke & Ivory

Muted hues can make a big impact, especially when you layer plenty of texture and interest into your design. We’re loving this neutral color palette for its warm and inviting feel, featuring our Zinc Buffalo Check Linen, Giulietta Floral Dinner Plate, Stiletto Flatware and Smoke Stemware.

Navy & Cream

This classic color palette never looked so good. Timeless and sophisticated, we’re loving this color combination for its versatility and season-less feel. And while it’s not overtly “fall” it’s a perfect palette for cooler weather celebrations infusing deep blue hues and lighter, neutral pops. Don’t forget to add a little sparkle by way of gold flatware, and gold rimmed china and glassware.

Olive & Ruby

Channel foliage tones with this classic fall color combination featuring our Dark Olive Cotton Linen and Tuscany Ruby Napkin. Elevate settings with gold metallic accent décor and florals in complementary hues.

Black & Slate

Nothing says 'black-tie chic' like a monochromatic theme featuring varying shades of black, grey and neutrals. Sophisticated and minimalist, this look is effortlessly cool no matter what season you're hosting.

Avocado & Amber

Bring those late summer vibes into fall with this warm color palette featuring our Tweed Avocado, Amber Gala Goblet and Tondo Charger. Tie this color scheme together while adding a pop to settings with our floral patterned Fiore Grey Napkin.

Plum & Charcoal

Give your tabletop a rich, moody and regal feel with plum tones mixed with charcoal grey hues. For an added pop of contrast, choose a black or dark grey dining chair.