Deck the Table: Shop Our Festive Pre-Styled Tabletop Collections

‘Tis the season to be jolly and fretting over the perfect holiday table setup? Not on our watch! As the days grow shorter and the holiday fervor intensifies, the last thing you need is a tango with tangled fairy lights and a debate over napkin placement. Luckily, we have curated our favorite pre-styled holiday tablescapes that will not only save you time, but also add a touch of elegance to your festivities.

Emerald Forest

Turn your dinner table into an elevated Christmas tree farm with our Emerald Forest collection where our Mila Woven White linen and Velvet Forest Green Napkin steal the show. The Heirloom Black Charger and Heirloom Linen China bring a natural vibe while our Arezzo Brushed Black Flatware and Colby Cut Crystal Glassware add a touch of sleek elegance.


Rustic Plaid

Give your table an elevated rustic aesthetic with our Rustic Plaid collection featuring our new Weston Wheat Plaid linen and Reverie Social’s Country Lace Napkin. Layer this perfect plaid and lace combo with our Boca Handwoven Natural Charger, Oliver Pearl China, Stiletto Flatware, and Smoke Stemware for a cozy tablescape.


Winter Whimsy

Bring an unexpected color scheme to your holiday table with our Winter Whimsy collection. This collection revolves around a palette of rich, saturated hues with Reverie Social’s Velvet Evergreen linen and the whimsical Mariposa Garden Napkin. The tabletop is adorned with our Waverly White & Gold China, Arezzo Gold Flatware, Charlotte Gold Stemware, and Champagne Coupe.


Silver Bells

Elevate your tabletop with our Silver Bells collection that is filled with metallic hues and clear glass accents. Start by draping our Silver Birch linen over your table and pair with our Pure Stemware, Glass w/Silver Rim Charger, Capri SS Flatware, and either the matching Silver Birch Napkin or Lamour Dove Grey Napkin to incorporate a solid tone.


NYE Golden Glam

Our NYE Golden Glam collection draws inspiration from the glitzy Gatsby era, highlighting our Palmiers Champagne linen, Waverly White & Gold China, Gatsby Salad/Dessert Plate, and Verona Black Flatware. Add Reverie Social’s Velvet Pearl Napkin to your setting to bring another layer of texture that is destined to impress your guests.


Holly Berry

Classic charm meets festive flair in our Holly Berry collection which features Reverie Social’s newest linen Tartan Plaid Holly Berry and the Hemstitch Navy Napkin. This linen pairs perfectly with our Valentina China, Verona White Gold Flatware, and Timeless Stemware to create an elegant and charming backdrop for your holiday feast.


Evergreen Elegance

Give your tabletop timeless elegance vibes with our Evergreen Elegance collection. This collection features traditional elements like Reverie Social’s Scottish Evergreen Plaid linen and our Velvet Black Napkin. Add in elegant touches like our Colby Cut Crystal Glassware, Arezzo Gold Flatware, and Coupe Gold Band China to weave tradition and style into your holiday tabletop.


In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, our pre-styled tabletop collections emerge as a convenient and stylish solution for creating a memorable and festive atmosphere. From saving time to adding a touch of elegance, these curated collections take the stress out of holiday preparations, allowing you to focus on the joy of celebrating with loved ones. Elevate your gatherings this holiday season with one of our tabletop collections that reflects your style and enhances the magic of the season.