Naturally Beautiful: Upgrade Your Table Settings with Organic Charger Plates

When it comes to event planning and decor, every detail matters. From the color scheme to the table settings, each element contributes to the overall ambiance and experience of the event. One often overlooked but essential aspect of table decor is the charger plate. Charger plates not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your tablescape. And if you’re looking to take your event to the next level, consider going organic with your charger plates.

Charger plates (also known as service plates, under plates or set plates) are large decorative plates that are typically placed beneath the dinner plate and serve as a decorative element to settings. While they may not necessarily hold food, these play a crucial role in elevating the overall presentation of a table setting. Whether you are planning a wedding at a rustic barn, chic garden party or coastal celebration, we’ve rounded up our favorite chargers inspired by nature and organic elements to upgrade the your table designs.

Boca Handwoven Natural Charger

The unique textures of organic charger plates bring both tactile and visual interest to table designs, adding depth to place setting and serving as a beautiful backdrop for your dinnerware. Available in a natural sandy hue as well as a muted grey tone, and featuring an eye-catching handwoven design with fringe edging, our Boca Handwoven Chargers perfectly fit into the organic charger category. Layer these chargers with our Heirloom Linen China or Finezza Cream China or added texture, and Reverie Social’s Dune Striped Napkin to transport your guests to a tropical oasis. Accent this setting with our Stiletto Flatware and Colby Cut Crystal Stemware for a touch of elegance.

Winnie Natural Charger

The natural textures and earthy hues of rattan chargers infuse warmth and character into any setting. Place our Winnie Natural Charger atop our Floral Toile Avocado White linen, complemented by our White Embossed ChinaCapri Flatware, and Ibiza White Napkins for a charming garden-inspired celebration. Alternatively, layer it with our Frances Azure Floral Dinner Plate or our patterned Savannah Coupe Dinner Plate, or even our new Oliver Pearl China for a chic and charming look befitting a coastal soirée.

Rustico Grey Wood Charger

For a refined rustic aesthetic, consider our Rustico Grey Wood Charger. This scalloped, grey-toned charger adds an earthy element to your table while maintaining an air of elegance. Combine it with our Finezza Cream Dinner PlateIbiza Sand Napkin, and a coordinating menu card to create the perfect fall tablescape. Enhance this setting with our Smoke Stemware and Stiletto Flatware to introduce smoky elements.

Bloom Copper Charger

Not all organic chargers need to be made from natural elements like wood and rattan, but they can have organic shapes and textures. Our Bloom Copper Charger is proof of this. With its unique shape and striking texture, this copper hued charger can bring your tablescape that “wow factor” everyone is looking for. Pair this charger with our Fenton Amber GobletArezzo Rose Gold Flatware, and scalloped Oliver Pearl China on top of a White Farm Table for a burst of rusty tones!

Tondo Charger

When we think of organic charger plates, natural wood often comes to mind. The Tondo Charger, though predictable, is an eye-catching plate that brings warmth and coziness to your table design. Place this charger on top of a dark-toned linen like our Velvet Black or Montana Suede Charcoal. Accentuate it with our Arezzo Gold Flatware and Gold Fanfare Chameleon Chair for an elevated look.

Finezza Cream Charger

Our Finezza Chargers is another timeless organically shaped plate that adds style and grace to any event. Use this charger with our Velvet Rose linen, Arezzo Gold Flatware or Charleston Champagne Flatware, and Ibiza Grey napkins to evoke a French countryside vibe. Whether you are hosting an al fresco reception or a glamorous birthday party under a tent, this charger will elevate your design to the next level.