RESERVE Furniture Rentals

Our RESERVE furniture line is housed in a separate warehouse and, due to the delicate nature of the items, requires additional shipping and handling. Delivery is a percentage of the subtotal of the product and is not a set charge, meaning as your order changes, your delivery fee will also change.

While our furniture can be rented for your outdoor event, most of our furniture line is not weatherproof, so we do ask certain precautions are taken to avoid damage to our product. When setting up furniture, please be sure everything is on a flat and even surface. If renting a couch or chair that is low to the ground, please place it on a solid surface like a rug, flooring or deck to avoid damage.

If you are looking to utilize our furniture outside, please be sure to have a plan in place in case of inclement weather. If our furniture is left outside and damaged, it is the responsibility of the client to cover the cost to replace/ repair the item. It is also the client’s responsibility to also move furniture to the middle of the tent during inclement weather.