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Tent with RailingTented events create a unique opportunity to make the atmosphere, style and design of your event truly yours. Whether in a back yard, an industrial setting, or by the beach, tents are a blank canvas that can be personalized and tailored to meet your event needs. PEAK Event Services is proud to offer a full line of tents and structures in addition to our extensive tabletop, seating, furniture and linen lines. We also have a variety of different options and features to add to your tent: from clear tops and pole covers, to interior draping, dance floors, and staging, to custom accessories, dormers and more.

Tented events require extra attention to detail and often have more variables in play during the planning process. Our Tent Team is expertly trained for excellence in service to ensure your utmost satisfaction, from site visit to break down.




Sailcloth tents are the embodiment of simplistic, breezy elegance and have the ability to transport you to a different time and place – regardless of where your event is being held.

They are constructed of durable sailcloth material with sculpted peaks and eaves, combined with a no-valance design, to create an open and airy space. The translucent fabric allows natural light to flow in to enhance daytime events, while nighttime events simply glow. This style of tent is stunning in a nautical setting and works perfectly for a more natural, rustic style of event.

Sail Cloth Tents

Sailcloth Tent Gallery:

Sail Cloth TentSail Cloth Tent



Free standing structure with no interior support poles. The ‘leg’ heights are adjustable to accommodate moderate changes in elevation and this style tent can be installed using weights rather than stakes where ground piercing is not possible. This tent style is a perfect solution for decks, patios and driveways. Our frame tents are available with hip ends, gable ends or an octagonal end.

Frame Tent Gallery:

Frame Tent – Photo © Matt Teuten Photography



Make an impression with our elegant and stately structure tents. One of our most versatile tents, our clear top, skylight or glass paneled wall options allow you to bring an outside element to your event, regardless of the season or weather. Structure tents are designed to create a more controllable environment and can be heated or air conditioned, plus they are wind resistant which allows for long rental periods. From custom flooring, to gable partitions, to chandeliers and much more; the opportunities are truly endless with a structure tent.

Structure Tent Gallery:

Structure Tent

Century Tent


Visually striking with smooth, flowing peaks, the sculptured tops of tension tents climb high into the air. These gracefully curved tents contain center poles and perimeter poles. The tops utilize webbing with ratchets to create elegant lines and a tight look. The pronounced sophistication of a tension tent and the endless options for size make them a perfect solution for any tent need.

Century Tents

Century Tent Century Tent Century Tent


The canopy (or ‘marquee’ tent) is primarily used for an entrance between a tent and a structure, or between two structures, or two tents. This tent style can also work well on a deck or patio where space is limited.



Tent Tips

Tenting an event can be a complicated task, but when done correctly, creates a unique and individual atmosphere for your event. Tents require a great deal of planning: from whether or not stakes can be put in the ground, to how many people you want to accommodate.  In many cases, you will also need proper building permits and a scheduled site inspection with the city where your event is hosted. Timing is everything when it comes to pulling permits, securing inventory and site inspections. Our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible. Our Tent Sales Team is expertly trained to provide you with the best possible product for your event, as well as to cover all the details from site inspection to set up and break down.

Plan for Unplanned Circumstances

It’s important to consider the space you’ll need for things such as catering, restrooms, storage, generators, lighting, heating, A/C, back-up rain plan for outdoor activities, and flooring. We will assist in the planning of all of these details so you can be sure every detail is taken care of.

How to Determine What Size Tent You Need

THEATER STYLE: 8-10 sq. ft. per person
COCKTAIL PARTY: 10-12 sq. ft. per person
PLATED DINNER: 15-18 sq. ft. per person
PLATED DINNER WITH DANCING: 18-20 sq. ft. per person
BUFFET DINNER: 18-20 sq. ft. per person
BUFFET DINNER WITH DANCING: 20-22 sq. ft. per person

Tent Accessories



Sail Cloth Tent

Column Wraps

Other Accessories



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