Create a Winter Wonderland: 3 Reasons to Host Your Winter Event in a PEAK Tent

Winter events have a unique charm all their own. The glistening snow, crisp air, and the cozy warmth of gatherings make winter a popular time to plan a celebration. If you’re considering hosting a winter event, there’s one idea that can truly elevate the experience: taking it outside and hosting in a tent. While you may think winter weather can hinder your chances of entertaining outdoors, think again. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party or a celebration with a large guest list, we can turn your winter wonderland event dreams into a reality.

Versatility + Customization

PEAK is a pioneer when it comes to tenting solutions. With our extensive inventory and experience, we offer unmatched versatility and customization when it comes to designing a unique outdoor venue that perfectly fits your event size and theme—from transparent, elegant tents that let you enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered landscape to spacious options that can accommodate a large guest list. Take our Structure and Conservatory tents, for instance. The epitome of versatility, both allow for a blank canvas for your event design aspirations and are engineered without a bothersome center pole, allowing for an open-concept floor plan where your guests can move seamlessly. Moreover, these German-engineered structures are designed to withstand all weather conditions and location challenges. Additionally, they facilitate rigging solutions for even the most intricate décor and lighting arrangements.

Location, Location, Location

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a tent for your winter event is the ability to host it almost anywhere. Whether you’ve always dreamed of saying “I do” against a backdrop of snow-covered slopes or simply want to host an event in your own backyard, we can help make it happen thanks to a team of experienced creatives. The freedom to select the location of your event adds a layer of uniqueness that’s hard to achieve with indoor venues. Imagine the picturesque winter wonderland you can create when you’re not confined to a traditional event space.

All-in-One Solutions

Beyond the physical structure, there are a number of essential elements necessary to make your tented event successful, including upgrades like hardwalls and sidewalls, doors, custom flooring and more.

Hardwall Structures + Sidewalls: For harsh winter conditions, hard walls and glass walls are essential for preserving a comfortable environment within the tent. Whether you want basic insulation for your guests or to add an upgrade with glass, we offer a variety of options that allow guests to enjoy snowy surroundings while also keeping the chill and inclement weather away.

Doors: To keep cold air at bay, we also offer glass door options. Especially with a heated tent, doors maintain the temperature inside the tent while adding an elegant touch to its exterior.

Snow Removal Service: Winter weather can be unpredictable, and heavy snowfall can be a concern. All tents should remain free and clear of snow. As such, PEAK’s snow removal service ensures that your event remains safe and accessible, so you can focus on the festivities.

Flooring:To protect your guests from cold, wet ground and to provide a stable surface for dancing or seating, flooring is a must. We have a variety of flooring options, from carpet to custom elevated hardwood floors that perfectly coincide with your event design. Elevated flooring allows for the heating to be ducted in from below the tent allowing the glass walls to remain unobstructed by heating units.

Heating: Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the tent is crucial for the success of your winter event. We have heating solutions that ensure your guests stay warm without any distraction. An attendant is part of the heating package ensuring that the tented event space remained cozy and at your desired temperature throughout the event.

Hosting a winter event in a tent is an excellent choice, with our expertise, versatile inventory, and comprehensive solutions make it a seamless and memorable experience. Your winter wonderland dreams can become a reality with our tent team’s support, ensuring your event is not only comfortable but also a true winter masterpiece.