If you're not finding what you're looking for, open up a chat or give us a ring. We'll strive to satisfy every request. Some of our items are just too complicated to sell over the internet, but our customer service agents are experienced and are here to help.

General Questions

Pricing for most of our inventory is available on our website. Please note, there may be items that incur additional fees and/or do not have pricing listed online due to the nature of the product. For any questions about pricing, please call us at 833-888-PEAK.

Customer Pick Up

Our Woburn, MA, Stoughton, MA and Aquidneck Island locations have warehouses and offer customer pick up. Please note, not all items in our inventory are available for customer pick up so please confirm your request with an Event Rental Consultant before scheduling a CPU (Customer Pick Up) order.

  • Stoughton is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
  • Woburn is open Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm
  • Aquidneck Island is open by request
  • We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Holiday’s may affect hours of operation

Delivery & Pick Up

Our standard on-site delivery and pick up window is 6am-6pm, anything outside of those windows incurs an additional fee. We do ask for a 6+ hour window to avoid additional fees.

Delivery fees are based on mileage, time and distance from our warehouse locations.

You may call the main line on the day of your scheduled delivery. Please have your order number and address for delivery available. The Sales team can access your order and confirm your status with our dispatch team.

Many orders may be picked up from our warehouses in Woburn, Stoughton & Middletown, RI. Your Event Rental Consultant will be able to assist you further on what items may and may not be picked up.

We can absolutely deliver to multiple locations. Peak will require several pieces of key information to properly deliver to each location. Clients may be asked to provide site maps, floorplans, distances between locations, information on where the trucks may access each space, etc. Please note extra fees may apply.

We apologize if some items were missed on pick up. If you call the main line or email your Event Rental Consultant, we can have dispatch send out a second truck. Please note, if items were unavailable, moved or unable to be located upon initial pick up, additional fees will apply.

Peak offers set up and breakdown of our equipment for an additional charge. Please speak with your Event Rental Consultant about the items you need set up for. Please note, Peak is unable to set up, breakdown or move items belonging to another company.

The Rental Experience

If you are interested in our products and would like more information about working with PEAK or placing an order, our team of experts will walk you through the process every step of the way! Please call 833-888-PEAK to learn more about our product and service offerings and how our team can help you create your next memorable event.

You may speak to and work with any Event Rental Consultant. If you enjoyed working with a particular consultant you may reach out to them directly. If you call and need to change an order but your preferred consultant is not available, all members of the sales team have the ability to access and update your order.

You can place an order with us by calling our main line at 833-888-PEAK (833-888-7325) and one of our Event Rental Consultants will be happy to assist you. For all tent inquiries, please call our Tent Sales Department main line at 781-503-2144.

You can also shop our website to request a quote for the items you’re interested in renting. After you submit a quote request, an Event Rental Consultant will follow up with you within 48-72 hours to confirm and place your order. Please note, submitting a quote on the website does not secure product, and we do ask if you’re looking to place an order for an event happening within 72 hours, to call our us directly at 833-888-PEAK.

A rental period is 24 hours. Multi-day rentals are available for an additional charge. Please check with an Event Rental Consultant for item availability for multi-day rentals.

Yes, we do have delivery minimums. Delivery minimums vary depending on the product lines you are renting, and the month and location of your event. Delivery minimums must be met by product subtotal and does not include labor, delivery, tax, or additional fees.

Some of our specialty products and our RESERVE furniture brand require special handling, care and labor, which incur additional costs. All tenting orders have separate terms, conditions and contracts.

Our trucks are routed and packed up to three days in advance, so we ask any order edits to be made 48 hours prior to delivery. Any order edits and/or additions made within 48 hours of delivery date are subject to a $200 order change fee.

You can book a showroom appointment with us by calling our main line at 833-888-PEAK (833-888-7325). We have 6 convenient showroom locations for you to visit us at: Boston, MA, Stoughton, MA, Woburn, MA, Aquidneck Island, RI, Portsmouth, NH & Kennebunk, ME.

To prepare for your showroom appointment, we recommend visiting our website to view our products and coming up with an inspiration board and/or sharing your Pinterest board with us. Let your Event Rental Consultant know if there are specific products you’d like to see during your appointment so they can have them pulled for you.

Prior to your appointment, please provide your Event Rental Consultant with the below information:

— Event Date

— Event Location/ Venue

— Number of guests

— Start time of your event

— What other vendors are you working with? (Planner, Caterer, Florist, etc)

— Confirm if venue and/or caterer requires to handle the billing and manage the rental order

— Check with caterer/ venue prior to appointment to see what they provide for rentals and what they require client to rent for them

— Confirm with venue if they have any restrictions on furniture and/or delivery restrictions

— What size tables are you planning to use?

— What type of meal will be served? Plated, buffet, family style, etc.? Is anything preset?

— Please share any photos or links of inspiration.

Showroom appointments generally last an hour. If you need a design consultation or larger scale appointment with multiple vendors, please reach out to an Event Rental Consultant to see if we can accommodate.

Planning Your Event

— 48” Table: 6-8 without charger

— 60” Table: 8-10 without charger plates – 8 with charger plates

— 72” Table: 10 –12 without charger plates – 10 with charger

— 6 ft Banquet Table: 6- 8 without charger plates (using ends) 6 with charger plates

— 8ft Banquet Table: 8-10 without charger without (using ends) 8 with charger plates

— 10 ft Banquet Table: 10 –12 without charger plates (using ends) – 8 with charger plates

Glassware is sold by the rack and amounts depend on the style of glass being rented, most rack sizes are 16, 20, 25 or 36. China, Flatware and napkins are rented in increments of 5. Please note we cannot break up rack or increment amounts.

We send the proper tank size for proper use of the equipment, our tanks allow us to check the equipment on delivery, we cannot guarantee the product will operate correctly if not with the proper size tank. It is also the law that fire extinguishers are sent with your order any time you order cooking equipment from us.

Due to uneven ground and weather, we do not recommend hedges and pipe and drape be used outside.

To formally quote pipe and drape, we need a diagram of pipe and drape needs. Please provide a diagram denoting the height, width and length of the pipe and drape section(s) and one of our Event Rental Consultants will assist you with customizing your build.

We don’t rent candles, centerpieces, chandeliers, ceiling drapery, etc. We also don’t rent AV equipment.

RESERVE Furniture Rentals

Our RESERVE furniture line is housed in a separate warehouse and, due to the delicate nature of the items, requires additional shipping and handling. Delivery is a percentage of the subtotal of the product and is not a set charge, meaning as your order changes, your delivery fee will also change.

While our furniture can be rented for your outdoor event, most of our furniture line is not weatherproof, so we do ask certain precautions are taken to avoid damage to our product. When setting up furniture, please be sure everything is on a flat and even surface. If renting a couch or chair that is low to the ground, please place it on a solid surface like a rug, flooring or deck to avoid damage.

If you are looking to utilize our furniture outside, please be sure to have a plan in place in case of inclement weather. If our furniture is left outside and damaged, it is the responsibility of the client to cover the cost to replace/ repair the item. It is also the client’s responsibility to also move furniture to the middle of the tent during inclement weather.