Structure Tents

Featuring clean lines and a modern aesthetic, Structure Tents can be customized with a variety of add-ons and configurations to meet any event need, location or size, offering versatility and providing a blank slate for event design. Engineered without a center pole, structure tents provide an open-concept floor plan for guests to move freely throughout the space. These luxurious tents, available in our custom-made clear tops and with the option of glass walls and doors, are ideal for high-profile affairs, providing the ultimate al fresco feel and elevating the look and feel of any event design.

Versatile Configurations and Installation Options

Clean, modern structures with vaulted tops in clear or solid options, can be staked into the ground or weighted allowing for installation on a number of different landscapes.

Make it Custom

Unique configurations and customizable options for walls than other common tents like glass or hard walls.

Structurally Engineered

This German-engineered structure is built to withstand all conditions and allows for rigging solutions for the most elaborate décor and lighting setups.

Tent Lookbook

From swoon-worthy sailcloth tents to stately, custom structures, view inspirational events in our digital Tent Lookbook and learn more about our creative and customizable tenting solutions.