When there’s an emergency, we’re here to help.

We offer completely customizable temporary structures based on your emergency medical response need: emergency response facilities, field hospitals, urgent care centers, patient screening areas, employee break rooms, supply storage, training areas and more.
With 24-hour assistance available, we offer rapid deployment nationally, and our experienced team can assist you with any of your emergency planning needs. We also offer medical grade flooring, room dividers, HVAC/HEPA filtration and air purification, and more.  For immediate assistance call our Tent Department directly at 781-503-2144.

Emergency Response Structures:

Our team has activated hundreds of emergency response structures. We are here to assist you with all your emergency response structure needs. Whether you’re building a site for drive-up or drive-through testing or a vaccine immunization clinic, our heavy-duty structures are customizable and can be configured to fit your specific emergency response needs, with the option for both enclosed office space, interior partitions or open space for drive through capabilities.

Field Hospital and Urgent Care Centers:

An overflow of patients creates the demand for more room and space, far exceeding capacity at many hospitals. Field hospitals and urgent care centers created with our heavy-duty frame system tents help avoid overcrowding at medical facilities while providing additional space to keep triage patients separate from healthy or immune-compromised patients.

Other Uses for Medical Tent Activations:

Free up usable space for patients inside your hospital or medical facility with our ready-to-install Medical Tents. Create hospital-adjacent nurses’ lounges and employee break areas, storage areas and more with our framed structures, enabling you to utilize your outdoor space effectively and efficiently. Other uses of our Medical Tents may include: blood donation areas, check-in or waiting areas, screening or immunization areas, common space for staff or guests.

Medical Response Structures Features + Benefits:

Weather resistant, our long or short-term medical and emergency response tenting solutions enable you to transform outdoor space (such as parking lots and fields) into usable structures to alleviate the stresses placed on your current space and allow for clean and safe patient separation.

Our temporary structures can be equipped with easy-to-clean, medical grade flooring, heating equipment, lighting, barriers and other critical accessories. We also offer general equipment rentals such as refrigerators, cooling cabinets, freezers, laminate tables, folding chairs, hand sanitizer stations, stanchions and more for all your medical and emergency response needs.

Our Services

Let us do the leg work.  We take the stress and questions out of the process so our healthcare professionals can focus on other areas of supporting the emergency response efforts.  Our services include:

  • Site review and management
  • 24/7 support and activation
  • Sanitation services (limited)
  • Site plan creation
  • Weather maintenance