Planning Your Event

— 48” Table: 6-8 without charger

— 60” Table: 8-10 without charger plates – 8 with charger plates

— 72” Table: 10 –12 without charger plates – 10 with charger

— 6 ft Banquet Table: 6- 8 without charger plates (using ends) 6 with charger plates

— 8ft Banquet Table: 8-10 without charger without (using ends) 8 with charger plates

— 10 ft Banquet Table: 10 –12 without charger plates (using ends) – 8 with charger plates

Glassware is sold by the rack and amounts depend on the style of glass being rented, most rack sizes are 16, 20, 25 or 36. China, Flatware and napkins are rented in increments of 5. Please note we cannot break up rack or increment amounts.

We send the proper tank size for proper use of the equipment, our tanks allow us to check the equipment on delivery, we cannot guarantee the product will operate correctly if not with the proper size tank. It is also the law that fire extinguishers are sent with your order any time you order cooking equipment from us.

Due to uneven ground and weather, we do not recommend hedges and pipe and drape be used outside.

To formally quote pipe and drape, we need a diagram of pipe and drape needs. Please provide a diagram denoting the height, width and length of the pipe and drape section(s) and one of our Event Rental Consultants will assist you with customizing your build.

We don’t rent candles, centerpieces, chandeliers, ceiling drapery, etc. We also don’t rent AV equipment.

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