ARA: Flooring Provides More Than a Stable Foundation

May 2022

Flooring has taken on more prominence. Not only does it offer a strong foundation for a tented event, but it also enhances the ambiance and provides an area for everyone to dance the night away, rental operators and manufacturers say.

“We are finding that we are receiving more requests for the entire tent to be floored,” says Amanda Jones, CERP, owner, Tyler Tents and Events and Mirabella Décor, both in Tyler, Texas.

“We typically use plywood, but we recently bought some Dura-Trac Flooring for smaller jobs. It is a hard floor — 4-ft-by-4-ft. squares that slide and lock together. It makes for a really solid ground,” she says.

Jennifer Gullins, senior vice president of sales, PEAK Event Services, based in Woburn, Mass., also has seen increased demand for extended flooring.

“More customers are asking for the entire tent to be floored and adding on Astroturf, custom carpeting or hardwoods. We are seeing the full gamut of options. We have seen a 30 percent uptick in requests. The way the economy has been healthy these last few years, our clients have more robust budgets to spend on some of these extras. It is more for aesthetics, and people are seeing it as a real value for them to upgrade to this for their wedding,” she says.

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