PEAK Provides Temporary Structures for 51st Annual Falmouth Road Race

Summary of Project

PEAK Structure Solutions played a vital role in bolstering the infrastructure for the 51st annual Falmouth Road Race with temporary structures, including a double decker race tent.

Client Needs

The client needed temporary structures to facilitate essential race operations, ensure the well-being of participants, and enhance the guest and VIP experience. PEAK provided elevated equipment and new ideas surrounding the race’s existing infrastructure.

Challenges & Solutions

The main challenges of this project, as identified by the project managers, included time constraints determined by the town of Falmouth as well as event permitting. This year, an extra day for the build-out was granted, which was needed for the larger finish line structure. A severe storm days prior to the event temporarily halted operations.

Multiple site visits, meetings, pulling elevations for elevated VIP finish line structure, and coordination of material, trucking, and labor from both Newport and Woburn were managed by the project managers, requiring efficient communication throughout the project.


During the planning phase, collaborative efforts were made to establish a production schedule that accurately represented the workflow. This schedule played a crucial role in facilitating city planning, ensuring sufficient time for material installation.

Additionally, PEAK made two valuable product recommendations for this year’s event. First, we proposed a significant change to the finish line structure. In the past, a 20′ x 80′ frame tent was set up on the street on race morning. By relocating this setup from the street to a field, it provided the crew with more time and a safer work environment to complete the task. This relocation also allowed the city to keep paid parking spots available, generating extra revenue during race week.

The second product recommendation was the introduction of a 50′ octagon tent, which served as a family gathering and shade area at the finish line. The client embraced this suggestion, and the tent received a positive reception from all involved.

Unique Attributes

The centerpiece of the event was the impressive elevated structure, measuring 10M x 20M x 3.4M situated on a 12.5M x 20M floor. This structure served as the VIP and hospitality tent at the finish line, enhancing both the event’s aesthetics and the overall experience for those who had the privilege of enjoying this space.


The 51st running of the Road Race proved to be a resounding success. The solutions we presented were not only successful but also garnered positive feedback from race officials, organizers, volunteers, and spectators. The project’s success can be attributed to robust communication between the client and vendors, both leading up to the event and on-site. This open dialogue allowed us to adapt swiftly and make necessary changes to meet our client’s expectations. PEAK’s ability to fulfill the client’s needs was made possible through our extensive inventory and highly skilled employees, enabling us to provide excellent service in a timely fashion while maintaining a pleasant and collaborative approach. This particular client, having a deep understanding of our capabilities, felt confident that we would successfully complete the job.