Tent Cover Provides Shelter for New Water Tanks + Filtration System at Wayland Department of Public Works

Summary of Project

When the Town of Wayland’s Department of Public Works began construction on two new water tanks for their municipal water filtration system in December, they reached out to PEAK Event Services for a Temporary Structure Tent to prevent the new systems from freezing and to protect workers from the elements during the construction phase.


The project required a temporary tent tall enough to cover two water tanks set on a concrete pad measuring 28’L x 34’W x 17’H, while keeping the smallest footprint of a tent at the site.

The standard eave heights on a structure tent are 11-feet or 13-feet-high. To ensure the pitch would be high enough to cover the tanks, PEAK’s Tent Operations Team engineered a structure that lifted the standard uprights utilizing a double-block system.


PEAK’s project manager started with a 12.5Mx12.5M Structure Tent and had the water filters run lengthwise along the ridge of the tent. Following an initial site visit and assessing the minimal access available to set a tent, the team adjusted the structure to 12.5Mx10M and flipped the trusses (ridge) to be left-to-right instead of front-to-back. To raise the tent further, the team built a 4-foot-tall custom base surround.

Considering the project timeline—December until April—the secondary purpose of this structure tent was to prevent the water tanks and surrounding construction from freezing. To meet this need, the PEAK team installed an appropriately sized heater for around-the-clock use and advised the client to have their propane/gas company supply and refill the tank directly.

Unique/Custom Attributes

PEAK also added a 10’x10’ garage bay door so the client could store and access scissor lifts and equipment necessary to maintain these new water tanks and filtration system. Custom “knee wall” was built at the base of the tent (measuring approximately 4-feet-high, comprised of plywood, insulation and access panels).

Results + Takeaways

For this project to be successful, the client needed an out-of-the-box solution: a temporary structure that met specific height clearances that only PEAK Event Services could provide. PEAK’s experts were able to custom build a structure that had met these heigh specifications while adding extra utilitarian features including a garage door for use with construction equipment.

The structure will stay in place for approximately 13 weeks until the installation of the water tanks is complete. PEAK’s rapid response, ability to install immediately and find unique and custom solutions specific to this job, allowed the Department of Public Works to remain efficient and on schedule with the project’s timeline.