PEAK Event Services Builds Temporary Structure Over York, Maine Archaeological Dig Site

Summary of Project

When the town of York, Maine sought to protect an archaeological dig site in its township prior to the proposed construction of a new housing development, it enlisted the assistance of PEAK Structure Solutions Team to build a protective Temporary Structure to help facilitate the exploratory dig.

Client Needs

The client’s primary objective was to cover and protect an exploratory archaeological dig site at the historic Davis property in York Village before development of the 100-acre property began later in the year. The area of interest was believed to date back to one of the first settlers in the area. Local historians and the state of Maine required an archaeological dig to be conducted on part of the proposed development site to hopefully uncover any potential historical structures or artifacts.

Challenges & Solutions

Because the site was located on a hill, the PEAK Team’s greatest challenge was creating a level area for the temporary structure tent to stand, while safely allowing enough space around the site to dig and excavate multiple small areas. A clear span structure was key to allowing the dig to be performed in the safest way possible.

To start, a trench was dug at the top of the hill for one side of the tent, while concrete blocks were used at the lower point of the hill to raise the tent legs. Together, these methods allowed for a secured and leveled area. Custom wood panels were installed at the base of the tent in between the cement blocks to help contain the heat inside the structure and keep unfavorable weather out. These panels closed the gaps around the low side of the tent and were paramount to the success of the tent build.

Beyond the sloped terrain, the other major challenge faced at the onset of this project was the hardness of the ground itself. Because construction began in the middle of the winter, warmer temperatures and melting snow created a soft ground for the PEAK Team to work on.


Unique Attributes


Results + Takeaways

Each of the solutions presented by the PEAK Structure Solutions Team were executed successfully. Historians and archaeologists were able to find multiple structures and items buried in the area and, according to the dig team, the structure played a key role in the overall success of the dig, allowing them to complete their work safely and on time.