Party Like Barbie: Rental Must-Haves + Ideas to Weave in ‘Barbiecore’ at Your Event

Who says parties have to be ordinary when you can make them extraordinary? Get ready to unleash your inner Barbie and dive into the fabulous world of Barbiecore! This trend is all about embracing the vibrant pink aesthetic and infusing your events with fun, playfulness, and a touch of sparkle. The release of the new Barbie movie is creating all sorts of buzz for this trend and we’re ready to embrace it! We’ll show you how to turn your party into a pink paradise with custom pink inserts for bars, dazzling pink linens, and the comfiest pink lounge furniture items. Get ready to party like a Barbie!

Custom Pink Inserts for Bars: Let's Pinkify Your Event!

When it comes to Barbiecore, the bar area is where the magic happens. Say goodbye to boring bars and hello to custom pink and patterned inserts that will make your guests’ jaws drop! Choose vibrant pink solid or patterned linens, or custom design inserts with our White Versa Bar or Morph Bars and watch as the bar area transforms into a Barbie wonderland. Add LED lights or holographic elements to make it even more mesmerizing and be sure to add complementary cocktail tables for your guests to stand at. Our top picks? Try our new Lenox White Cocktail Tables and matching Barstools or new Lippa White Cocktail Tables for an added touch of Mid-century Modern flair. Barbie-inspired cocktails, anyone? Your guests will be toasting to the enchanting ambiance! Create a signature cocktail and serve in one of our stylish glassware options like our Colby Cut Crystal Stemware or Pink Debutante Goblets for an added pop of color at your bar. Want to add another fun element to your event? Rent our Champagne Hedge Wall and outfit with your favorite champagne flutes. Not only will this display serve as an added décor element, but your guests will love the grab-and-go bubbly.


Pink and Sparkly Linens: Glittery Glam for Your Tables

Bring the sparkle and shine to your tables with pink and sparkly linens that scream Barbiecore. Think sequins, glitter, and all things fabulous! Set the stage with pink linens adorned with shimmering accents. Some of our linens that are sure to bring a sparkle are Shalimar FuchsiaGlitz Sequins Matte Pink, and Bengaline Cerise linens. Want to bring in the pink trend with a pattern? Try our Westerly Dusty RoseZiggy Plum or go for bright and bold with our Remi Jewel linen. Add a pop to placesettings with a colored napkin like our Callie Dusty Rose or Pink Striped Napkin. Whether it’s a wedding reception, a birthday bash, or a girls’ night out, these linens will instantly make your tables Instagram-worthy. Pair them with metallic tableware like our Arezzo Gold or Verona White Gold Flatware for a touch of sophistication. Want to take your seating to the next level? Use our Chameleon Fanfare Chairs and Barstools and outfit them with mix and match custom cushions for additional pops of color. Get ready for a pink-tastic feast!


Pink Lounge Furniture Items: Comfy Chic

Party in style with plush pink lounge furniture items that invite your guests to sit back, relax, and enjoy the glamorous atmosphere. Create cozy nooks with sofas, side chairs, and pillow packages in various shades of pink. Let your pink palette run wild with our various blush options like our Fiona or Darcy Blush Sofas and Side Chairs which add an air of luxury to any event design! Throw in some accent pillows with Barbie-inspired prints or patterns to take the fun factor up a notch. Your guests won’t want to leave the lap of pink luxury!


Accessories and Décor: Details that Delight

To truly embrace the Barbiecore vibe, it’s all about the details, darling! Sprinkle pink accessories and décor elements throughout the venue to create a whimsical wonderland. Ornate florals, oversized bows, giant pearl necklaces, and miniature high-heeled shoe displays add that Barbie touch. Fill the air with joy using balloons in every shade of pink imaginable. Bedazzle the space with floral arrangements bursting with pink blooms. Add gold and glass lounge accent pieces like our Martini Side Tables and Hayley Tempered Glass Coffee Table to elevate your space. And don’t forget custom neon signs with Barbie quotes to keep the party spirit alive! It’s the little things that make a big impact!


Ready to party like a Barbie in a world of pink glamour and whimsy? The Barbiecore trend is your ticket to a dazzling event that will leave your guests talking for ages. With custom pink inserts for bars, pink and sparkly linens, and plush pink lounge furniture items, you can create a party atmosphere that’s fun, fabulous, and oh-so-memorable. Add accessories and décor elements that scream Barbie, and you’ll have a pink paradise on your hands. So, get ready to paint the town pink and host a party that Barbie herself would envy. It’s time to unleash your inner Barbie and party like there’s no tomorrow!